PRICES Spring 2024

The membership fee

The membership fee for the adults in 2024 is 20 €

The membership fee for children (under 17 years old) in 2024 is 15 €

All participants in groups of children, young people or family sports, as well as in adult classes (excl. trial fee), must pay the membership fee once a year.  The membership fee is valid for a calendar year.  The membership fee is always paid by invoice.

In family sports each participant pays the membership fee.

Fees for adult classes

Membership fee 20 € / calendar year

Season fee (over 17 years) 85 €

Ten-time card: 75 €

Trial fee 10 € (With a one-time fee, you can attend classes without registering for the entire spring season. No membership fee.)

Against the payment receipt of the invoice or exercise benefit, you will receive an adult exercise card and a season sticker 

Fees for children courses 

Membership fee 10 € / calendar year

Season fee  65 € + 10 € membership fee

Fees for family exercise groups

Membership fee (adults) 20 € / year

Membership fee (children) 15 €/year

  • Adult-child group season fee 65€ (1 adult and 1 child)

  • Family gym 0-6 years season fee 65 € (1-2 adults and children under school age)

  • Exercise card for adults attending family sports 50 € (the exercise card can be used to move in all TAJU adult classes)

Seniors (Kekkeet) 

  • Season fee 60 € + 20 € TAJU membership fee (includes 2 group fitness classes + 1 adult daily group per week)

  • Trial fee for one time 10 € (no membership fee)
    TAJU members can also attend Kekkeet classes for a seasonal fee for adults.